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Why Kistudy?

在遊學產業待了14 年的時光了,依然保持著相當的「熱忱」,因為老編非常熱愛這份不像「工作」的工作。


老編 專欄

老編是一個充滿熱情, 對學生很有耐心的顧問, 對自我要求很高, 每一
送出國的學生, 會很關心像朋友般的陪伴, 讓遊學不再孤單喔~

推薦 語校

在這麼多的語校當中, 是不是很頭痛該怎麼選校呢? 直接來看看老編推薦名單吧~

學長姊的 遊學部落格

不用羨慕自己也可以, 透過學長姊的文字, 咀嚼一下海外生活的點滴滋味, 歡迎成為下一位學長姊~


"Through our working relationship with Jill over the years, ELS has been pleased with the quantity and quality of students that she has counseled regarding ELS programs, locations, and partner institutions. She has been thorough and accurate in her advising and students have always been properly prepared and accurately informed prior to arriving at our centers. Of importance to ELS is the need to ensure that students are provided with comprehensive support along with up-to-date information. Jill has maintained proper student support and ensured that students are making study selections based on the latest information available keeping the interests of the student as paramount."

Joe Chen


""We have been working with Jill for many years and she is a trustworthy and experienced counsellor to work with, highly recommend! She has visited some of our schools to see the facilities, accommodation and meet with our staff hence she truly believes that we deliver what we say and say what we deliver! At Kings, our students always come first. No matter what’s your study goal, we are here to help you to reach your goal as our English course is outcome-driven. We are also happy to see that Jill's students improved their English proficiency and experienced local culture just like a UK or US national when studying with us.""

Tsaiju Lo

Kings Education

"I am writing to recommend the services of The Kistudy Co. managed by Ms. Jill Hsu. Even though The Kistudy Co. was newly established in 2017, we have been cooperating with Ms. Hsu since 2011 as one of our most valued authorized representatives in Taiwan. Ms. Hsu’s dedication to her clients combined with her commitment to our brand and her expertise in Study Abroad industry makes her one of our most active partners in Taiwan. She is an incredibly hard-working agent who always strives to provide the best service to her clients as well as her partner schools. We have always been completely satisfied with her services and the business she has provided. I am happy to recommend the services of The Kistudy Co. without any reservations. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions."

Esther Park

EC Central

"First of all, big congratulations to the successful establishment of Kistudy in Taipei. We have been working with Jill who’s the founder of Kistudy many years since 2010 and helped numerous Taiwanese students to accomplish their goals of study abroad by delivering exceptional services in both Taiwan and Canada. I believe that Kistudy will have tremendous success and development based on their strong foundation and profession, and you as a valued client will also be impressed and benefited by the services provided from Kistudy. We look forward to develop more sustainable relationship with Kistudy and also excited to provide better local services to the students from Kistudy."

Kevin Li

S.O.S International Group

"It is a personal and professional pleasure to work with Jill at Kistudy and I can fully count on her to offer an accurate and reliable service to her students and to us here at Eurocentres. She makes the effort to visit the schools she promotes and carefully checks their suitability for her students. I have already welcomed Jill to Eurocentres and I am very happy to recommend her as an experienced education counsellor. Keep up the good work Jill!"

Robert Corr


"ILSC Education group has established a positive working relationship with Kistudy Co., since 2017 in promoting our certificate & diploma programs to students. I am happy to work together with the counselors of Kistudy because they are professional and enthusiastic. We also received much positive feedback from our students about Kistudy detail-oriented counseling. . Their professionalism and outstanding performance has made a great contribution to ILSC Education group. I would highly recommend Kistudy to be one of the valued agents for our esteemed organization."

Sam Chen

ILSC Education Group

"跟Kistudy的Jill 相遇要回到2011年的秋天了。 Jill參加了Embassy English 的美國學校參訪。當時她就是一位專業盡職的顧問了。 她細心的詢問學生會想了解的事項,如學校到宿舍的距離、學生的餐食、交通、平日及假日的學校課後安排及學生課程升級內容等等的細項。我對她的印象就是她待學生如自己的朋友家人般的細心。多年來,Jill 累積了更多的知識、更多的學校分享,讓未來的學生可以受用前者的經驗去選擇適合自已的學校。我很高興有這樣一位專業盡心的代辦業者在台灣為學生服務。因為她的用心,我們很放心的她對學生在行前的說明,隨後學生到校後的協助。 Jill 是我們合作的業者可以讓我們全心相信的伙伴之一。 相信您也會滿意她提供給您的服務。"

Sherry Liu

Study Group

"BROWNS English Language School have been working with Jill for many years. All BROWNS students recommenced by Jill who is professional and enthusiastic on helping Taiwanese students are highly satisfied with their experience at BROWNS. We are looking forward to meeting and supporting Jill’s students at BROWNS in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, Australia. Adventure and curiosity is BROWNS’ way of life – it’s our DNA, our very purpose."

Ricky Lee

Browns English